Elizabeth McGlynn,Professional Pageant Preparation, LLCElizabeth McGlynn,Professional Pageant Preparation, LLCElizabeth McGlynn,Professional Pageant Preparation, LLC
Elizabeth McGlynn, Professional Pageant Preparation, LLC
Elizabeth McGlynn,Professional Pageant Preparation, LLCElizabeth McGlynn,Professional Pageant Preparation, LLCElizabeth McGlynn,Professional Pageant Preparation, LLC

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Photo Courtesy of Kim Egan

“Every time we met with you, Tori was pumped up and more energized around getting ready for the pageant. Your awesome personality and way of lifting up my daughter was so apparent and I really felt made such a difference, especially the phone call at our hotel right before personal introduction and interview. It was exactly what she needed as she waited in line standing in her heels for over an hour (because there were so many girls they couldn’t all sit down!). Tori’s crowning moment is one I will never ever forget, my hands were shaking, my heart was racing and Tori eyes were streaming tears of joy! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for helping Tori make her dreams come true (a year early)!  We are so looking forward to working with you to get ready for Nationals…California, here we come!”
Kim Egan - Mother of Victoria Trittin, Miss Minnesota’s National American Miss Preteen 2013

Photo Courtesy of Kim Egan
Photo Courtesy of Deanna Meredith

“The fabulous Liz McGlynn has done it again!  The transformation I have made from a shy tomboy to a confident, successful pageant queen is unreal.  Never before would I have even thought of getting on stage and speaking in front of a crowd or modeling a fabulous gown in front of judges. Within months of preparation with Liz, I began winning but I also learned more than how to win a crown and banner.  I have learned life skills such as etiquette, manners and job interview techniques that will be useful to me throughout my life.  I don't know where I would be in pageantry without Liz.  I cannot thank her enough!”

Elizabeth Wolanin – Miss Connecticut Junior Teen USA Ambassador 2012, USA Ambassador National Photogenic Winner 2013, Miss US of America Silver Queen and Photogenic Winner 2012

Photo Courtesy of Deanna Meredith
Photo Courtesy of Deanna Meredith

“Thanks to you I have grown so much and I have YOU to thank for it. You have given me a higher level of confidence than I had before. The intense interview training you offer has helped in more ways than just pageants. You are a PRO at preparing the application. I have come a long way and you certainly deserve the credit. Using the tools that you have given me has empowered me to do well in pageants as well as outside the pageant arena. When it came down to picking the right pageant coach for me, I certainly agree with my mother that selecting you as my coach was the right choice for me. You welcomed me into your home and after ten minutes, I felt I had known you for years. I sincerely want to thank you for all the work that you have done for me and getting me where I am today. I am sure that every client of yours shares with me - that Liz is # 1. I love you, Liz!”
Paige Lavallee – Miss Petite Teen America 2012, Miss Massachusetts Petite America 2012; Miss New England Jr. Teen 2011; America's Natural Teen 2011; Miss Northeast Gold Queen 2011

Photo Courtesy of Laurie Tomoszek
Photo by Laurie Tomaszek
  “Dear Liz,
Words cannot describe my amazing experience with your pageant coaching. Years ago I knew nothing about interviewing and public speaking, but now I have all of the knowledge and tools to perform my best; and it’s all thanks to you. You took a naive girl with a passion for the stage and turned her into a blossoming pageant queen within weeks. You not only taught me all the tips and tricks that I would need to know while being onstage, but you also taught me life lessons I can use in my everyday life as well. If there is anything that I have taken away from your training it’s the life lesson that you taught: ‘What matters most is how you see yourself.’ Thank you, Liz!!”

Caitlin O’Neill - Miss America’s Junior Teen Yankee Miss 2011/2012
Photo Courtesy of Kathleen Mayes
  “Liz, you are the key to me finally achieving my goal of winning a National Title!!!  Thank you so much!  You helped me to be able to communicate what I wanted the judges to know about me. Each time after working with you I always felt “pageant ready” and well prepared. This year I went into my interview with so much confidence and when it was over I knew that I had done my very best and I knew that it was because of the work that we had done together. Also thank you for helping me to prepare my personal introduction and my paperwork. All the work I did with you really gave me the confidence to know that I had all the right tools to be successful. I love you so much.”

Shereen Pimentel - Miss National All-American Miss Preteen 2012
Photo by Paula Preston Photographer
Thank you SO MUCH for all the great advice you gave Michelle in getting ready for the National ANTSO Sweetheart pageant. The preparation you had Michelle do was completely in line with what was needed. Since winning the national crown, her self-esteem has improved so much, as has her confidence and she has been having the time of her life representing this great organization. She's gone on every one of their trips and has taken advantage of all of the vast opportunities ANTSO has sent her way.  Thanks again for your part in making this amazing experience possible for her.”

Donna Bergh, mother of Michele Bergh, Miss ANTSO National Sweetheart Preteen 2012

Photo courtesy of Catherine Fiehn Photography
"Elizabeth McGlynn is easily one of the women who has made a huge impact in my life. She has not only taught me the necessary skills about interviewing and getting my message across effectively, but she has also taught me how to feel confident in myself in ways I never thought possible! She is a wonderful person and I don't think I could ever be able to fully express my gratitude towards her because of everything she has done for me.
Thank you so much Miss Liz!!!"

Madison Manuel – Miss US of America 2011/2012, Miss New York US of America 2011   

Photo courtesy of Special Events Remembered

Photo courtesy of  Deanna Meredith
  "When I started pageants, I was completely clueless. I did not know ANYTHING about hair, makeup - let alone how to talk. I was a very demure child; I could not speak to people or in class without shaking and sweating like crazy! Working with Liz changed me completely. I look back from years ago and see how much I've grown as a person! I'm so outgoing now. Thanks to Miss Liz I really have the power to make a difference. I feel poised, articulate, and most of all, confident! I recommend her to everyone!" 

Elizabeth Tran – Miss Florida Teen International 2011, Miss Coed Victory Junior Teen 2010  

Photo courtesy of  Deanna Meredith
  "Thank you once again for all your guidance and amazing words of confidence!  Liz, you are the bomb"
Katarina Kneer - Miss Teen America 2011

Photo courtesy of Deanna Meredith 

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Kenner Photography

“Liz, Where to start! I never could have done this without you. You gave me all the tools I needed and set me up for success. You constantly gave me positive feedback and constructive criticism where I was able to progress with confidence. What you gave me was not simply pageant preparation, it was life preparation! I can take all of this interview practice and apply it to any future interview with great success. This experience is one I always had my heart set on. Now I can say I did it! I have no regrets and I can cross it off the list! I had an amazing time working with you and can’t imagine preparing any other way. You hit the nail on the head with every detail that went into my preparation. Even to the actual interview questions!!Thank you so much!!

Cecilie Pope - Miss Southcoast 2011
3rd Runner up Miss Massachusetts America 2011
Talent and Swimsuit Preliminary Winner"



Photo Courtesy of  Keith Krueger
  “Miss Liz has been so much more than just a pageant coach! She has helped me gain skills that will prepare me for life! Her bubbly personality and warm heart just add to her greatness. I love her and am so thankful I met her! I could not have done it without her!”

Nicole Renard – Washington’s Outstanding Teen 2011 
Photo Courtesy of William Higdon Select Photography
Photo Courtesy of Kevin Hoene - See What Develops Photography
  “Dear Liz,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have been such a blessing to my Mom and I and you have been there to help out with everything I was interested in. You have such a vast knowledge about the Pageantry business and I am thrilled to be one of your clients!
Thanks for everything!

Callie Hobkirk, Miss Kansas High School America 2011"
Photo Courtesy of Kevin Hoene - See What Develops Photography
 Photo Courtesy of David Kaptein Photography

WOW! Where to begin! You have helped be so much over the years! Without you, I would not have made it into the Top 10, let alone rank 7th at the 2010 National All-American Miss Teen Pageant. All that coaching carried over and helped me reach my goal of winning the title of the 2011 National American Miss New Jersey Teen! Because of you, I know how to keep the judges interested and smiling in interview, which for me, was crucial as interview used to be my biggest fear. You also taught me how to sound natural and not robotic in my introduction, and let’s not forget how flawless you helped me look for formal wear with your amazing tips!
Your help did not stop there though. After winning the title of 2011 Miss New Jersey Teen Ambassador 2011, we were hard at work for nationals with plenty of resume and interview preparation and I could not feel more prepared! With all your help I placed 1st Runner Up at the national pageant!! Something that had never happened before!
I cannot thank you enough for all your help and amazing tips! You are truly amazing and I love you so much!”

Samantha Mazza - Miss New Jersey National American Miss Teen 2011, Miss New Jersey Teen USA Ambassador 2011, Miss Teen USA Ambassador 2012 – 1st Runner Up

Photo Courtesy of William Higdon- Select Photography

“Miss Liz has been such an amazing help. Her expertise on interview and paperwork truly helped me feel confident when I walked into my Outstanding Teen interview. I was able to show my personality while effectively communicating what I wanted to talk about! Thank you for all your help. I would not be who I am today without you!!” 

Victoria Renard – Washington’s Outstanding Teen 2010, 3rd Runner up Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2011


 Photo Courtesy of Keith Krueger

Photo courtesy of
Jo Ann Robichaud

You truly are my “Fairy God Mother”. To one day become a national winner was such a dream of mine. Because of you, my dreams have become reality. You have taught me everything that I needed to know to do well at a national level pageant. You really are "The Best of The Best" when it comes to coaching. From the first time that I met you I knew that it was going to be so much fun! You helped me perfect my walk, design killer personal expression jeans, and to be more comfortable with myself in interview. You gave me tips to things that I would have never thought of! Throughout the national week you were always there. Either a text or a call you always made sure that I was ready for competition and that I was relaxed. I appreciate you for always being there and helping me grow in the pageantry world. I would have never been able to do all this without your help. Thank you for helping my dreams come true!"

Michelle Robichaud – Miss Junior National Teenager 2011,
Miss New Hampshire Junior National Teenager 2010

Photo courtesy of Pamela Guerrero

“Kelly and I thank you so much for the help you have given her to prepare for Nationals!!!  It was the best decision to contact you and we appreciate you taking the time and fitting her in so close to the national pageant. After she met with you she definitely was ready to go!!!!! Not only did you polish her off, you gave her that edge and extra confidence boost she was missing. You have such an uplifting personality that brings out the best in people!! You are amazing in what you do. Thank you again and we look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Pam and Kelly Guerrero – Miss American Coed Sweetheart 2010


Photo Courtesy of National American Miss

 “Liz, thank you so much!! I am extremely appreciative of your help. Ever since I began working with you, my friends and family have noticed a big change of maturity in me, and so have I. From your help, I have gained a lot of confidence in myself. My family and I have noticed I am more able to approach new people and it is a lot easier for me to make new friends!! Since I started working with you, I have placed in the Top 5 in every pageant I have participated in. I really appreciate the time and effort you took to work with me. Thanks so much! You are the BEST!”

Adina Triolo – Miss National All-American Preteen 2010, Miss US of America Preteen 2009  


Photo Courtesy of Belle Visage Photography

“Liz - three words I use to describe you: Awesome, Unique and the Best!!! You believed in me and I was confident I was prepared from the minute I walked into registration to the pageant finale. My application reflected who I am and I was thrilled to also win Best Resume! My mom could not believe how calm I was at Nationals. I was very confident in all my competitions. I never felt nervous or unprepared. You really instilled in me that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. I believed in my dream because you helped me gain my self confidence. I was very excited when I was called to the Top 5….Thanks to your crafting of my personal introduction it truly demonstrated to the judges who I was…. ….You are unique and took the time to really make me shine at Nationals!!! I highly recommend you as the Best National Pageant Coach!!!!! You will be my pageant coach for ever!!! Thanks again Liz for making my dream become a reality!!!!” I will always Love You!!!!!”

Erika Porras – Miss National American Miss Preteen 2010, Miss Connecticut Junior National Teenager 2011, 2nd Runner up Miss Junior National Teenager 2012, Miss Connecticut National American Miss Junior Teen 2011



  Photo Courtesy of National American Miss

  Photo Courtesy of Richard Krauss
  "Liz, there is something special about feeling welcomed at a kitchen table, and Liz your kitchen table has that "special something". From my very first visit I felt very comfortable with you. You helped me feel relaxed during an interview and with speaking to adults. You placed a "Little Liz" on my shoulder, who coaches me when you are not there. You convinced me I really do have interesting things to say and through my experience with you, I have grown confident saying them. You have helped me from the application process to the clothes selection. Your last minute phone calls and your survival list are priceless. You prepared me for challenging yet fun competitions. Most of all, you made me feel prepared to do my personal best. I thank you for your part in my journey to the crown; and I look forward to continuing our journey wherever it may lead. All of your help and preparation is what made all of this possible for me. I could not have done this without you. You really do amazing things. Thanks again Liz!!!!"

Samantha Rizzuto – Miss Camden County’s Outstanding Teen 2011, 2nd Runner up Miss New Jersey’s Outstanding Teen 2012, Miss New Jersey USA Ambassador Junior Teen 2011, 2nd Runner up Miss USA Ambassador Junior Teen 2012, Miss Preteen National Sweetheart 2010
Photo Courtesy of Richard Krauss

 Photo Courtesy of Catherine Fiehn Photography

Thank you so much!! You played such a great role in all of my accomplishments. As soon as I left your house I felt so ready and confident for nationals. It was such a wonderful experience hearing my name called in the Top 5 at the American Coed Nationals and also as 2nd Runner Up at America’s National Teenager. I would really like to thank you again for everything you did to prepare me.”

Brittany Trowbridge – Miss Teen New England American Coed 2011, Miss Connecticut National Teenager 2011, Miss Junior Teen New England American Coed 2009

Photo courtesy of Andrea Garcia

"I want to personally thank you for working with me for IJM. I could have never reached this goal without you. You are truly the most amazing coach ever and I am your biggest fan! You have taught me things that will help me for life and will help my pageant carrier. Thank you again and you can now add me to your website as Your International Junior Miss Preteen Queen!"

Cheyanne Garcia –Miss International Junior Miss Preteen 2010/2011, Miss Washington International Junior Miss 2010

Photo Courtesy of Pat Corlin Photography

“Liz McGlynn is a remarkable individual, and an incredible pageant coach. In 2001, my first year competing in the senior division at America's National Teen-Ager Scholarship Organization, I represented my home state as an at-large contestant without a director and no prior experience with ANTSO. I arrived at nationals completely prepared for success after my sessions with Liz, and went on to win the national title! Liz helped me every step of the way and it was her little details that developed my confidence and courage. Over the years, I was honored to receive many accolades in the America system, winning over $30,000.00 in scholarship and winning the MAO Community Service, Don C. Anderson Platform Award and non-finalist interview award three years in a row.
It's clear how much Liz's training has directly impacted my success. In all the years I've known her, Liz has always been a phone call or email away and I trust her advice implicitly. This is because she has never asked me to be someone I'm not. She has instead helped me to grow into the most well-rounded, confident contestant I can be and that ultimately led to not only one, but two national titles! In 2008, I returned to ANTSO to compete in their first-ever ANTSO National Miss Pageant as an at-large contestant and, against all odds, took home my second national title!
Liz has certainly prepared me to win competitions, but most importantly prepared me to be a compassionate, goal-oriented and intelligent girl who never lost sight of the real victory: knowing you have done all you can, and then enjoying the ride, whatever the outcome of the competition! My successes speak for Liz's skills and talent, but it is in my character that her professionalism and friendship are reflected. Thank you Liz for believing in me, making me laugh 'til it hurts, teaching me eloquence and always affirming that nothing is more valuable than your integrity...well, and a sense of humor!!”

Meagan Corlin – Miss ANTSO National Miss 2009

Photo Courtesy of Deanna Meridith

“‘Impeccable: Without sin or fault; flawless.’

Impeccable Pageant Coach: Liz McGlynn! Liz has helped me prepare for not only pageants, but my future. She has taught me the proper decorum to live by on and off the stage, and to be true to myself, because the only person I can be is myself; everyone else is already taken. Those are the lessons I will forever live by and I owe them all to Liz.”

Taylor Hough – Miss Vermont Junior Teen International Junior Miss 2011, Miss Junior Teen Vermont International Junior Miss 2011, Miss American Coed New England 2010, Miss US of America 2010

Photo Courtesy of Suzie Bailey Photography
Photo Courtesy of Jeanne Vito

“Miss Liz has been one of my main mentors from the start of my pageant participation. She has shown me the importance of knowing who you are, being yourself and believing in yourself! I believe these are the essential traits necessary in order to succeed in interview. Miss Liz knows how to release the queen within! Thank you once again for your valuable information that helped me in achieving my goal to be the best person I could possibly be in interview. Judges formulate a first impression within 30 seconds of meeting someone. This is why the 30 second introduction, required is so very important. Miss Liz takes the personal information you give her and formulates a 30 second speech that makes you unforgettable! This is exactly what you want when you leave the interview room after the personal interview…to be remembered in a positive way! Thank you again, Miss Liz, for your help in making my dream become reality.”

Christiana DiNardo - Miss Junior Teen America 2012

Photo Courtesy of Timothy J. Total TJT Photography
Photo Courtesy of Dawn Lemerond Portraits by Design

Three keys to spectacular achievement…Preparation, preparation, preparation!!” I couldn’t agree more!! Without you I would not have been able to reach my fullest potential. Paperwork can truly seem overwhelming and you were able to take everything I had to offer and enhance it in a way that best suited me!! It was that preparation that allowed me to reach my goal of becoming Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen 2010. Additionally your kind and inspirational words through phone conversations helped tremendously as I prepared for Miss America’s Outstanding Teen. I felt confident taking that next step knowing I had done everything I could and was really ready to show them what I had to offer.

Thank you so much for all that you do and all that you have done!!”

Teaka Griesbach – Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen 2010

Photo Courtesy of Dawn Lemerond Portraits by Design
Photo Courtesy of David Kinder, Kinderpics Photography
  "Who is the most amazing, funny, awesome and helpful Pageant Coach ever? It is Liz! She helped me achieve 1st Runner Up at the 2012 National American Miss Junior Pre-Preteen National Pageant. I truly could not have done it without her. Liz helped me become a very poised young girl in a unique and hands down fun way. I don't even know where I would be without her help. Liz is a caring, helpful and fun person. All of those humorous phone calls paid off because Liz brought out the best in me. I love you Liz! Thank you!"

Ciara Wilson, Miss Oregon National American Miss Junior Preteen 2011, 1st Runner Up Miss National American Miss Junior Preteen 2012